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“Julie helped me consolidate and refine my vague ideas about how I wanted to define and represent my private practice. Her expertise in branding and market positioning shone brightly as she effectively portrayed the essence of my practice through copywriting, guidance on logo design, and in establishing an online presence. I had felt overwhelmed at the prospect of these tasks, but Julie made it all manageable. I’m thrilled with the results!”
- Jill Dunn, LCSW
"My daughter worked with Julie during her first semester in college. The tutor/student relationship worked really well. They talked via Skype when necessary, and my daughter emailed drafts of her papers for Julie's review. Julie helped her with structure and content and gave her a lot of great feedback. In my opinion and her professor's, my daughter became a better writer. I would highly recommend Julie for this type of tutoring." 
- Parent of student at the University of Virginia

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